Mayrhofen Hotels

Mayrhofen Hotels are well known for their high standards and focus on customer satisfaction.  The town is fortunate to offer a range of accommodation suitable for every taste and budget.  The accommodation is mainly in the form of Hotels, Guest houses or Self Catered Apartments.

The quality is extremely high with even the most basic guest houses offering a hearty breakfast and an extremely clean and well presented living environment.  The major Mayrhofen hotels have continually developed their offering and many offer first class spa and wellness areas.  Many of the smaller hotels that do not have facilities for evening meals will have provision for guests to eat at one of their larger neighbours.  There is also a thriving Hostel in Mayrhofen and so those looking for the most basic dorm style accommodation are also catered for.

If you have a specific enquiries regarding Mayrhofen Hotels then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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