Mayrhofen Nightlife: The real Proline


With Christmas and New Year out of the way its time to get down to the serious business of beer and schnapps.  As you walk around Mayrhofen you will no doubt come across many little dudes in funny hats talking passionately about backside 180s and their exploits on the proline.

Although this is indeed very impressive, we are going to educate you on the real Mayrhofen Proline.

Lets be honest, most returning guests to Mayrhofen don’t come back just for the ski or snowboarding, but the legendary party options that the town provides.  As enthusiastic Après Skiers, we thought it only right to give a little insight into how we go about a night on the town.

There are of course many other bars in Mayrhofen, however the following strategy is well tested and is guaranteed to produce results that will satisfy even the most competent booze hound.

When on the mountain it’s important not to over extend yourself and so with safety in mind we like to finish all snow sport activities by 2.30 and head to the first venue, which is of course is …..

The Pilz Bar 

Located at the top of the Penken, the Pilz Bar is well equipped to aid in your re-hydration after a hard day on the mountain.  Its worth getting in there early as the place gets super busy.  Prices are reasonable, with a beer c3 euro and they party until the last gondola.  When the sun comes out, the roof comes off and you’ll be singing along to Mama Laudaa before you know it!

Once you’re turfed out of here, its down in the Penkenbahn and back to your hotel for a quick change (trust us you don’t want to be that guy still in their salopettes at midnight)

Now time for the serious business!

6pm at Mike’s Sports Bar is where it all starts.

As the name suggests, this is a Sports Bar owned by Mike, ably assisted by Chris, Wendy and Siobhan.  You’ll do well to find 4 better people, and handily they also happen to be very well skilled in the art of party machen!

If the football or rugby is on then you can watch all of that here.  If not, its all about Jager Darts, or dice with Gina (currently single and ready to mingle – dms to @rocklady84) with the loser of course buying the shots.  Remember it’s not about winning, its just making sure you don’t lose!

If you’re lucky you may also get to experience a set from the legendary DJ Fuse, who is often in town when free of his various worldwide residencies.

You probably won’t want to leave, but all good things come to an end and so when its time to move on, it’s just a short walk to the next venue.

Scotland Yard

A traditional pub style environment makes Scotland Yard one of the most popular bars in Mayrhofen.

With a dart board, Guinness on tap, a range of pizza and other bar snacks it is no surprise that Scotland Yard is frequented by many season workers, locals and guests alike. Clemens, Theresa and team will serve you at the bar or at your table and keep you fed and watered well into the early hours. 

Live music, DJs and party nights gives Scotties a well deserved reputation as a top Mayrhofen party spot.

It’s also home to Mayrhofen’s third best bar person aka Aussie Matt.  Matt once made the very bold claim that he could drink more shots than anyone in the bar.  We think he is full of it, however if you are in town then you might want to call him out on this!

With the engine well and truly started it’s now time to strap on your dancing boots and get involved with the final stop.

Bruck n Stadl

Bruck n Stadl is located at the top of the town, just over the bridge and so is only a 5 minute walk from Scotties, however there are often taxis outside in case of bad weather.

Open from 3pm this is the biggest Après Ski venue in Mayrhofen.  Multiple bars and dance floor, this is the place to get loose!  A recent addition this year has seen the creation of the Open Air Bar, which is really well done and the perfect place to finish your evening..  Open until late, the DJ will spin a great mix of international hits as well as some more local classics!

Once you’ve put a good shift in here, you should be pretty much done, especially if you want to get on the mountain the next day. For those with a bit more left in the locker, then its a taxi to Fuchslöchl, however this is a story for another time!

As any experience athlete knows, nutrition is hugely important and so before you go, you may want to pop into the Imbiss and see Eki Eki and Mustafa and experience probably the best kebab you’ve ever had.  A strong claim indeed, but when you’ve had one, you’ll know!

That ladies and gents is the real Mayrhofen Proline.  A simple but highly effective way to ensure a great night out in Mayrhofen.

Don’t forget to tag us into your Proline exploits on Instagram ( and if we are about we may even buy you a Meisterwurz!

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Where to stay in Mayrhofen?

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Where to stay in Mayrhofen?

I think we need to start this blog post off by saying that if you come to Mayrhofen, you will not be disappointed by the standard of accommodation. We are lucky that our local Hotel and Guest House owners take great pride in their properties and all round customer service.

As always our recommendations are not sponsored advertisers, rather local businesses where we have first hand experience of their quality and high levels of customer service. This could be a very long post as all of the options are all good however we have broken it down into a number of categories to help you with your search.


Hotel Siegelerhof

The Siegelerhof is one of the first properties mentioned in the history of Mayrhofen.  Whilst that is all very exciting, what is probably more interesting to you is that it is also home to Mike’s Sports Bar, which is the best bar in town (OK we are a bit biased as they are our mates, however its also fairly true!) and so does get a bit lively!  Its not Magaluf by any stretch, however if you’ve got young kids then there are probably better options for you.

If on the other hand you like drinking schapps and playing darts with an eclectic mix of locals and guests from around the world, then you are in the right place!

It offers well priced accommodation, with a hearty breakfast and is located next to the ski bus stop and a short walk to the train station. You’ll find a wealth of local knowledge in the form of Mike and Chris downstairs in the bar and they also have all of the Sky Sports and BT channels to ensure you can catch all of the premiership and six nations games.

In short, if you are looking for a fun and down to earth place to stay, then you should definitely stay here as you’ll have a great time and be well looked after.



Hotel Berghof

If you are coming to Mayrhofen with your family, then the Hotel Berghof is a strong option to consider. A great range of room configurations including connecting and suite options. The range of food on offer is incredible, with something for even the pickiest of eaters. There is a great play area for the kids as well as wellness facilities for the adults.

Located next to the Europahaus with ski bus stop opposite and a short walk to the railway station for connections to Zell am Ziller, Kaltenbach and Hintertux etc

There is a well appointed house bar in the hotel, with both Mike’s Sports Bar and Passage Bar only across the road.

An extremely friendly team, who will go out of their way to make your stay enjoyable. When our family with young children come to town its where they stay and all ages absolutely love it.



Hotel Neue Post

The Neue Post has that rare skill of being able to seamlessly combine a traditional feel with the modern amenities that you would expect from a high quality 4 star hotel.

Their food  is highly regarded locally and offers a range of options from snacks in the Post Cafe through to a range of top quality traditional and international dishes in the Restaurant Neue Post.

Continually striving for improvement the hotel offers a range of well appointed rooms as well as an impressive wellness area with indoor pool.

Check out their video for more information



Hotel & Gasthof Perauer

The Perauer is located in a convenient spot adjacent to the Ahornbahn and only a short walk to the main Penkenbahn gondola station.

Steeped in tradition the team ensure a mix of first class accommodation and a highly regarded restaurant, making this a perfect choice for those looking for a high quality establishment in the centre of Mayrhofen.

Guests will enjoy extremely well furnished rooms with superb attention to detail as well as a cosy house bar and a relaxing Wellness area.

Check out their video here!




Stock *****Resort

For all you ballers out there, there is really only one choice! We could bang on about all that they have to offer, however its probably easier to have a look for yourself. Check out their Instagram here!

Its a little bit outside of Mayrhofen, however the place is seriously cool and so if you are looking for a proper 5 star experience it is the place that you need.



We very much look forward to seeing you in Mayrhofen soon.  Any questions then please feel free to drop us a line –


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Where to go for Ski or Snowboard hire in Mayrhofen?

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Ski and Snowboard hire in Mayrhofen

With winter fast approaching, it is coming to the time where you want to finalise the last few details of your holiday with ski or snowboard hire normally on that list! With many of the local shops offering online discounts, it is well worth having a little shop around and booking this before you arrive.

Mayrhofen is lucky to have a range of high quality ski and snowboard rental companies. With many of the ski shops replacing their gear every year, you can be sure that you are hiring modern and well maintained skis and snowboards.

Ski Hire

Snowboard Hire

All of the hire shops in Mayrhofen are of a high quality and will speak good English, however our personal recommendation would be the Green Room . This is not a sponsored post, they just happen to be really good guys, have looked after plenty of our friends and family over the years and also have a very competitive online price.

With the cost of transporting snow sports equipment rising every year, it is no wonder that more experienced holiday skiers and boarders are finding it more convenient to hire VIP ski and snowboard packages, rather than have to worry about transporting and maintaining their own equipment.

For beginners hiring equipment can be a little confusing, however the ski hire shops will go through a number of questions to ascertain your ability and direct you to the most relevant ski or snowboard.  In reality the base level packages are going to be perfectly adequate for most beginners to learn the basics on. Skis or Snowboards in this range are going to be a bit more forgiving and so although it is tempting to go for the top level package, those shiny brand new race carvers are probably not going to help your progress!

Don’t be afraid to try on few pairs of boots and if you are not happy with the equipment you are given then you can always go and find another shop to deal with.


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