Mayrhofen Nightlife: The real Proline

With Christmas and New Year out of the way its time to get down to the serious business of beer and schnapps.  As you walk around Mayrhofen you will no doubt come across many little dudes in funny hats talking passionately about backside 180s and their exploits on the proline.

Although this is indeed very impressive, we are going to educate you on the real Mayrhofen Proline.

Lets be honest, most returning guests to Mayrhofen don’t come back just for the ski or snowboarding, but the legendary party options that the town provides.  As enthusiastic Après Skiers, we thought it only right to give a little insight into how we go about a night on the town.

There are of course many other bars in Mayrhofen, however the following strategy is well tested and is guaranteed to produce results that will satisfy even the most competent booze hound.

When on the mountain it’s important not to over extend yourself and so with safety…

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