Edelweiss Lounge Mayrhofen A well presented Mayrhofen Bar with popular restaurant area and well positioned sun terrace. Free Wi-Fi is available in both the restaurant and outdoor bar area and so a perfect place to enjoy a drink, check your emails and watch the people of Mayrhofen pass by. The indoor bar and restaurant area is also no smoking. Well thought out menu with a range of dishes including Burgers, Steaks, Pizza, Salads and Sandwiches. For those who enjoy an ice cream then there is a very comprehensive ice cream bar as well as a range of smoothies and milkshakes. Open all day and so a popular venue for a quick afternoon drink, a light lunch or even a more civilised Apres Ski drink! The friendly and efficient staff, work hard to ensure your experience in the Edelweiss Lounge Mayrhofen is as positive as it can be.


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