Penken Ski Area

Penken Ski Area

This is the main Mayrhofen ski area, which is accessed from either the Penkenbahn in the centre of town next to the Hotel Strass, or via the Horbergbahn, which is an out of town gondola station in the surrounding village of Schwendau. The Horbergbahn is particularly useful for those using the ski bus as it is often quieter and easy to access with both the C and D line Mayrhofen ski bus.

This area is also home to the Vans Penken Park, where skiers and boarders have access to a range of areas suitable for complete beginners through to those competing on pro circuits. It is also possible to link into the Finkenberg, Rastkogel and Eggalm Ski areas.

Or the brave there is also the opportunity to try the steepest run in Austria. At 78% the Harakiri is not for the faint hearted! Look out for the signs as often on a Friday there are photographers on the slope ready to take an action shot for you!

Top tip

One of our favourite days in the Mayrhofen ski area is combining it with a trip over to the Eggalm ski area. This is easy to do and suitable for all levels except complete beginners. From the Penken gondola station you need to take the Penken Kombibahn and at the top follow Red 3 all the way across to the 150er-Tux. Alternatively you can also take the Blue 20 all the way down and pick up the Tappenalm which will take you up to the top of Blue 8. At the top of Blue 8 you need to work your way across to 150er-Tux which you will see over the back of the Grillhofalm Restaurant.

Once you have arrived at the top of the 150er-Tux, you can stop to take some photos at the Panorama photo point. Once ready to get going follow the signs for Blue 6. Once on Blue 6, you want to position yourself on the right hand side of the slope and continue along following the signs for Blue 3 towards the Rastkogelbahn. Once you see the top station of the Rastkogelbahn, you need to continue past it, which will then allow you to ski down to the bottom of the Lammerbichl chair lift on either Red or Blue 3. At this point you need to keep an eye out for the ski route that will take you to Eggalm. This is found on the right side of the piste opposite the Lammerbichl lift station. Follow this all the way down to Eggalm.

Once at Eggalm you will probably be ready for a drink and so the Vogelnest is handily located at the end of the ski route. With reasonable prices and a great sun terrace it is a perfect place to stop. You can then spend a bit of time exploring the Eggalm ski area which is fairly self explanatory. When you are ready to come home you need to take Red or Blue 5 all the way down to the village of Vorderlanersbach, where you can pick up the Rastkogelbahn, which will take you back in the direction of Mayrhofen. It takes a little while to get back and so you need to allow an hour or so, however it is certainly worth the effort.

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