Ski and Snowboard hire in Mayrhofen

With winter fast approaching, it is coming to the time where you want to finalise the last few details of your holiday with ski or snowboard hire normally on that list! With many of the local shops offering online discounts, it is well worth having a little shop around and booking this before you arrive.

Mayrhofen is lucky to have a range of high quality ski and snowboard rental companies. With many of the ski shops replacing their gear every year, you can be sure that you are hiring modern and well maintained skis and snowboards.

Ski Hire

Snowboard Hire

All of the hire shops in Mayrhofen are of a high quality and will speak good English, however our personal recommendation would be the Green Room . This is not a sponsored post, they just happen to be really good guys, have looked after plenty of our friends and family over the years and also have a very competitive online price.

With the cost of transporting snow sports equipment rising every year, it is no wonder that more experienced holiday skiers and boarders are finding it more convenient to hire VIP ski and snowboard packages, rather than have to worry about transporting and maintaining their own equipment.

For beginners hiring equipment can be a little confusing, however the ski hire shops will go through a number of questions to ascertain your ability and direct you to the most relevant ski or snowboard.  In reality the base level packages are going to be perfectly adequate for most beginners to learn the basics on. Skis or Snowboards in this range are going to be a bit more forgiving and so although it is tempting to go for the top level package, those shiny brand new race carvers are probably not going to help your progress!

Don’t be afraid to try on few pairs of boots and if you are not happy with the equipment you are given then you can always go and find another shop to deal with.